Nicole Stephenson

President and Principal Designer


His Promise Design Interiors collaborates with clients to create a distinctive, functional and ultimate vision of the client’s ideas. We pride ourselves on being in tune to our client’s needs. Our attention to detail, outstanding service and eye for functionality creates an extremely successful partnership with our clients. We do all of this while maintaining a consistent personal connection to you and your dream.


To provide you with the best experience that you deserve we apply a timeless style that’s all your own. We design around your ideas and dreams, telling a story that speaks to life lived and experiences had.  


If you are feeling overwhelmed when thinking about your space. We provide an interior design experience that will bring functionality, beauty and a peace of mind to your space and the entire design process. With your ideas and our design perspective, we will create a uniquely you space that will rise up to greet you!



Timeless Style,

Functionality and Beauty

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